Monday, March 30, 2009

something is bothering me!

-under construction-

*bukti kukuh mengatakan wifi cm haram*
gua rs mau mencarut jek
...connection interrupted...

things getting bz rite now. projects.
dating?? (not included)
*always has time for that*

dgn internet cm haram.
siput babi boleh lari lagi laju!!!



Saturday, March 21, 2009

another post

february 2009

it's my birthday!!

happy birthday to me.

(da tua da ko ek sha)

i'm 23 years old this year.

i wish for a good prosperity this year.


*bunch of girls*
at jusco bukit indah.
jalan jalan sambil celeb my bday.

*from my friends*

*from my panda*
love you!


my bff have celebrated my birthday 2 days earlier.

bcos i have to go back to utm on the 1st of feb.

we meet after i had my dinner with my family at black canyon restaurant.

we had western foods.
*yum yum*

after that we girls hang out at esplanade.

chit chat + LoL.
love u guys!!

*cupcakes from mas*
i have requested as my birthday gift.

it was very delicious!

(mas...ko boleh bukak kedai kek pas ko bersara nnt)


*jeng jeng jeng*
we wore the same clothes.


i have received a card and gift from both of them.


13.2.2009 - 14.2.2009
i went to batu pahat with fizah.
one of my skunks members.
we pick up ulin + nisa.
they all studied at uthm bp.
we really had a great nite then.
we watched geng movie.
after that we had a late dinner.
pekena tom yam.

*mbo cinema*

*statues of batu pahat*

*hang out chill out bebeh*

*valentine day*
we had a snack before watched movie.
title house.
sucks though!



nostalgia to remember?

january 2009

i went for a trip to singapore with bunch of my friends.
oh my!
singapore is the right place to spend your money.
wasted RM190 for this one day trip.
and my mom said.
"we will go one day to visit our cousins"
(ntah bile ek)

*kampong gelam*
most malays stayed here

nice view from here

behind the statue of singapore

*chak chak chak*

*2nd merlion at sentosa island*
still posing even penat

*sentosa island*
man made
if nak mencuci mata this is the right place

*lets skyride babes*
the cheapest game we had

*really ah*
i thought tanjung piai is the place
tipu! tipu!



movies review ;))
my friends knew me as kaki wayang.
addicted kot?


1st movie i have watched in 2009.
four christmasses
bored to death...

they wait
boleh laa layan...

KM 31 hell highway
pls kill me from watch this movie...

ong bak 2
i don't know how to comment this movie...

geng: pengembaraan bermula
double triple thumbs up!


dragonball evolution
best but there's something missing there

race to witch mountain
i prefer the game plan instead of this movie



loads of assignment *21 march 2009*

*struggle till end*

today i wake up at 930am.

for me it's a little bit too late.

bcos i used to wake up around 830am.

maybe yesterday b4 sleep i talking on the phone with my bf.
he wants to come here.

to pick me up and go back to kuantan terchenta together-gether.

i'm waiting for u syg!!

*oh this assignment is killing me now*

p/s: served me right.
doing all the assignments for last minute.
all the submission is within 2 weeks from now.


Friday, March 20, 2009

my first blog :)

at last... i'm creating my own blog here.
i used to be a blogger back in 2005.

but i have stopped.

the answer is t.o.o. l.a.z.y.


p/s: this boho dress is not mine.
it's belong to my sis.

she said it was too small for her.

really ah??

but this dress is so chantek.

i begging her to give me this dress.