Saturday, March 21, 2009

loads of assignment *21 march 2009*

*struggle till end*

today i wake up at 930am.

for me it's a little bit too late.

bcos i used to wake up around 830am.

maybe yesterday b4 sleep i talking on the phone with my bf.
he wants to come here.

to pick me up and go back to kuantan terchenta together-gether.

i'm waiting for u syg!!

*oh this assignment is killing me now*

p/s: served me right.
doing all the assignments for last minute.
all the submission is within 2 weeks from now.



nadiya.inah said...

weh. panda tu chtui lg ker? byk btul masa dan wang beliau. kabarkan penyu nak balik gak kalau panda sponsor. ckp lagi penyu buleh iklankan panda di seluruh dunia dgn kerjasam wwf.