Friday, October 8, 2010

how to love

"We cannot love or to be loved correctly,
until we love ourselves correctly.
Root for yourself.
Love yourself.
If you want to love and to be loved,
the starting point of love begins with you"
- Anonymous

If you have been in and out of love, you surely know there is a lot of pain that goes with love. When we have love we are faced with the agonies that burns the heart deeply and when without love, when we have lost it, we seek it, yet we fear whether to gamble on it again or not. The truth is no one can live without love. Is it hard to find love?

There are two reasons why we cannot find love. One, it is because we expect something from others such as certain behaviour, character, looks or something wealth. Second, we fear the person we love will have some type of similar expectations we have on others and that we won't be able to fulfill it. Often it is our expectations and so we tend to shy away from getting into relationship.

Sometimes we tend to feel that we might end up hurting the person we love because we are not able to fulfill these expectations. Yet, sometimes we let our expectations to rule the relationship. That kind of love has a string attached. It tends to control and tell our partner to do what we think is right. Relationship is about being open hearted on each other expectations.

It does not matter if the person can fulfill our expectations or not. All that matters is to simply love. That is unconditional love. Just love for what love is. Whether the person is with you or not with you, whether the person loves you or does not love you, just love that person. No questions is asked.

Yet, not everyone can do this. It takes real hardship in life to learn about value of loving without asking anything in return. Love should be like the ray of sunlight that shines on earth without any expectations... it simply shines and make all life possible. If it decided to stop sending the rays, will we be even alive?

We all expect love. There is nothing wrong in it, but how can we expect something to be returned when we have not given it in the first place? Thus, the only way to have love is to give it first. Give your love unconditionally and life will return to you a thousand fold. It is a law of life to give and take. May you find the love you want in this life.

Slow down. Breathe. Love

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unconditional love


RoseHana said... and expectation person..
i want my love back..
jz pray for the best thing..
relakan setiap yang terjadi..
redha dan pasrah..

Shahira said...

pray for the best dear.