Thursday, October 28, 2010


this is her
a birthday girl
Hafizah binti Hardy
made in Johor

she is one of the skunks
we were friends since matriculation
sian dalam gambar ni dia kena buli huhuhuhu

my convocation picture
totally love it
thanks dear for coming

bercanda di Danga Bay
terima kasih kuucapkan kerana menjadi driver serba boleh
wink wink

25 Oktober 2010 adalah hari jadi beliau. saya ingat kengkonon nak jadi orang last lah yang wished her birthday. tengok-tengok hamek kauuuuu langsung wished beliau pada 26 Oktober pukul 1216pg hahahaha tulaaa kau Sha berangan je kerja kan sudah melepas. I adored you. I admired you. thank you for such a wonderful treatment while I am in JB for my thesis. you supported me no matter what. still beside me. accompanied me. treat me in a very very special way. I appreciated that and always will because you are my best friend. I owed you these much. yes these much :D :D :D

happy belated birthday dear
may your dream come true


happy bday!