Thursday, May 7, 2009


you all must remember a part of the famous lyrics from Nat King Cole famous song. what is your opinion about love??

when you decide to love, you allow it to grow but when you promise to love, you're refuse to let it go. love is a painful risk to take. only love makes you cry and only love knows why because it hurts to say goodbye to the person you almost gave your life to for knowing that life won't be the same without them but it's better to give up the feeling rather than to know you're the only one fighting. but why do we fall for someone who isn’t really for us? should we blame ourselves for falling with the wrong one? or should we blame the one we fell inlove cause he made us feel that they're the right one.

when you love someone, they become part of you. maybe that is why it hurts so much when you lose someone you love because you lose a part of yourself. some people said the say past is past. we need to move on, to see the future but how can we move on when our past is the only thing we ever wanted in the future? love is a cycle. when you love, you'll get hurt. when you get hurt, you hate. when you hate, you try to forget but when you try to forget, you start missing and when you start missing, eventually you’ll fall in love again. gosh... why?

there are things that you love, but you have to give up. not because you don’t want them anymore but because you realized that they’re not for you. and something better is bound to come along your way, somewhere, someday.




:: LaRa MaYa :: said...

amboi2 ayat...tak ley blah siot....

masmOna said...
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masmOna said...

aku suka ;)

L a tt e s H a said...

meaningful kan?