Sunday, May 31, 2009

may is full with activities

SORRY guys bcos i did't update this blog almost when ah? since i've been sick for more than a week and now i'm fully recover from fever + flu + cough. as usual my activities when i'm going back to my hometown:

1. DATING if i had a bf and since i have one here... :D

2. HANGOUT with friends, bff's

3. DRIVING anywhere in kuantan and being a driver to my mom (where's my paycheck??)

last sunday i went to johor with my friend (skunk hana). she agreed to accompany me bcos she wants to visit her sis in mutiara rini and i want to settle sort of documents to japan in utm. alhamdulillah everything is going well and we went back to kuantan on thursday.

oh yes! i want to tell u something. i'll fly to japan, hiroshima end of this sept as an exchange student in their program "environmental leader training for sustainable Asia" under HU graduate school for 4 month. i'm the only one from malaysia. the rest came from thailand, vietnam and indonesia. this is really big opportunity besides "cuti cuti malaysia" hahaha. wish me luck then!




aizam said...

bkn cuti2 msia da cik sha oi..cuti luar msia da tu..heh.teramat la jeles..btw,takecare n hav fun!