Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 Disember 2012

Hye and Assalamualaikum...

okay this is awkward. very the awkward - the awkward moment when this is your blog and you didn't know what to write on but you have a lot to say in this blog. err. yes pls lempang diri ini. this is madness! totally now me hew hew.

krik... krik... (bunyi cengkerik)

any ideas how I want to start to write again?


Syukur Alhamdulillah to The Merciful Allah for His blessings towards us and especially to my family and "new family". it is been a while I didn't post anything in this blog. last post on 17th of October 2012, at that time I still in the mood countdown bride-to-be. but now sudah basi haha! my marriage life so far Alhamdulillah bahagia sangat-sangat, still have our own upside down aaa orang cakap lumrah hidup? sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit. is it? yes it is. marriage is more than that. more than saying "I love you" to your partner. it is a path for us to learn to compromise in everything because we already promised to each other "love till Jannah" in sya Allah.

so lets countdown to new year - 2013 in these 2 days. what I have achieved in a year and what I have not? from my career path hmm still didn't have anything to proud of. so I guess I have to do something for my own future and my familiy too. I didn't want to waste off my certificate just like that? my husband said I still young and bukan rezeki lagi to change my career. so just wait and also gambatte! a lot to say and write but not now. I am working as usual until 630pm. till then tata!

Mrs. Shahira Latte (still, addicted and yet struggle to boycott Starbucks HAHA)


Nina Aman said...

sha, busy adapt dgn new life ek?hihi..congrats to u..barakalllah..

haritu honeymoon bali kan?nnt if ada masa buat review bleh?guna agency tak?mcm nk gi utk 1st anniversary nnt..

Shahira said...

akak haihsss sangat2 busy eh hihi walaupun memasak jarang tp pepaham jela kerja saya ni cmne tsk T_T

aah g bali kak... yup thru agency. if nak murah baik booking tix flight awal. yang kteorg nye on the spot tu yg mahal sket.

nanti saya buat review ok?