Saturday, April 25, 2009

examination is what?

i'm under pressure this 3 weeks.

a lot of assignments have to be submitted on time.

after that all my paper this sem toooooo sucks.

i wonder why...

another 2 mini projects must submit before 30th.

one of my assignment has to re-do but i'm not done yet.

supposedly today.

but i'm tired from my 6 hours journey from skudai-kuantan.

i have a lot to do today.
and i got only...what 6 hours?
the first thing i have to buy something to my best friend from nigeria.
his name is ibrahim.
i want to give him songkok and a tshirt designed 'telok chempedak'.

he's very nice person.

u should meet him one day.

he's going back to nigeria on 3rd.

n then i'll meet mas!

missed her sooooooo damn much!

i just hang out at her house.
review back my CV.
to take a drama series supernatural and finale ep of prison break.

*who's going to die*

*dean is super duper hot*

*marathon laa mlm ni*
*focus pls sha*

* u have not submitted ur assignment yet....*

there's a part of my angel whispered to me just now.


after that.

i'll meet my panda.
supposed this will be a surprise for him but...

*rakan sekomplotku gagal menjalankan tugasnya dgn baik*

it's ok.

we are going spend our time wisely.

missed him much!




masmOna said...

i miss you soooooo much jugak deng!!

glad to meet u dat day.
n lupa..thank you for KFC.wink2.

mggu ni kita ronggeng lagi ya deng.^^

Anonymous said...

yo~..ku menyibuk di sini..hohoho..aku kat kL nie..nnt aku da balik kuantan kite wat photoshot~..huhu jadik la ko fotogenik laa scara tak langsung..haha