Tuesday, June 30, 2009

road to genting highlands

Date: 20th of june 2009
Venue: Genting Highlands Theme Park
Time: 1 whole day

this time we had a very cool trip with gaul group corp. hahahaha. whatever. we have tried almost all thrill rides :) this is 1st time we organized such trip. another time islands maybe? here are some photos that i could share with you guys.

*1st pit stop at r&r temerloh*

*in the cable car*

*reflection of us*

*1st ride: cyclone coaster*

*after our 1st ride*

*2nd ride: pirate ship*

*as iju said: a must picture*

*3rd ride: flying coaster*

*4th ride: adult bumper car*

*5th ride: euro express*

*lunch at the burger king*

*waiting for our 7th ride: dragon coaster*

*with mat kool*

*fake faces before space shot ride*

*9th ride: space shot*

*we're martians from mars*

*10th ride: stupid fun kart*

*hop hop to the sky*

*behind the scene: the spinner*

*bye bye*

that's all folks




aizam said...

ade beger king ke sane??nmpk sgt da lame tak g..hehehe

masmOna said...

gonna miss that trip :)

pasni kita ke redang ke kapas ke..wuwuwu

shahira said...

nmpk sgt da berkurun u tak g aizam.
bile next trip?
tgn dpn.
kate mau g aussie.

nadirah said...

a very very fun n wonderful trip!!
aussie next!!!kumpul duit dr skang!

shahira said...

kne keje dlulaaa nad!
tmbg g balik da bape.
agk2 5k ckop?
kite merempat d tpt ae.

nadirah said...

tmpt tggl dh ada!umah ae!duit poket n flight jela!hahaha