Monday, June 1, 2009

movies of the month

hik. this month only 3 movies i have watched. another two are Angels & Demons & Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. worth laa duit i tgk both movies eventhough i'm slightly didn't understand the plot of Angels and Demons. wth is that?? Illuminati?? huhuhu. i don't have any ideas. i'm watching with my bff's :) [i didn't watch Da Vinci Code] hahahaha pdnla tak phm ek ;p

Night at the Museum 2 ok laaa. thumbs up! i watched with my panda. funny and easy to understand its plot eventhough i didn't watch the 1st one bcos sort of boring for me hehehehe :D




Eima Jer said...

change link yokk..

angels n demons xperlukan u tgk da vinci code la..sgt best cite ni!

maybe jiwa u xleh terima kot..

shahira said...

i know that.
cite die best.
ending pn expected.