Tuesday, November 24, 2009

happy birthday for both of you

happy birthday for both of my friends here!
may God blessed you and our friendship still remains 'till the end

23rd of November 2009
Aween aka my ex-roomate

she is getting married soon, on the valentine's day next year (eceh konon-konon romantic laa tu). I am sorry I cannot attend your wedding day because I am still in Japan. just wait for my gift from here okay? I love you dear. Our memories still remain together ^^

this picture is taken in 2007 at UKM
waiting for dance rehersal

24th of November 2009
Seyha s.k.u.n.k.s

she is one of our group member since KMJ. just a skinny girl and not very tall. I really missed you here darl. I wished that we could be together one day to share our tears & joys together. Insya Allah there will be a gathering soon! so good luck in your life :)

this picture is taken in 2008 at ECM
we are waiting for Hana to find her shoes


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