Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sweet 25th

I am officially 25 years old


happy birthday to me
love, me


nyna said...

happy birthday to u :)
wish u happy selalu and dimurahkan rezeki.amin

Drunbella Khoo said...

happy birthday cik sha.
have a blast.

btw, i dah buat acc fb yg baru.
nick name still sama.
Drunbella Khoo.
nanti add i okayy.

M said...

hello new year!
god bless you :)

dd.hasnidar said...

happy birthday dear.
have a blast!


KD said...

happy birthday kak shahira!
may all your wishes come true ;)

Dya said...

Happy bday dear sis!!XD

nurayunni said...

hppy brdy sis...semoga sentiase dimurahkan rezeki...

prototype said...

happy bday sha!
may the force of Allah SWT be with u, insyaAllah

/Dayah/nurul/dayak said...

happy belated sha ;) stay cute

Shahira said...

thanks for the wishes!
major love from me.

Shahira Rosli

anish said...

25? u really look like 20 :)

happy belated birthdae! :D

Shahira said...

erk hahahahaha.
what a great compliment dearie.
:D :D :D
the secret?
always smile and laughs.