Sunday, October 11, 2009

sushi for dinner

in front of the restaurant

first of all, I would like to thanks to undergrad students for bringing me to enjoy this delicious amazing sushi *truly amazed with their colour and size* I can't imagine how many I will eat because of their sizes. hihi. and at last I have eaten 8 dishes of sushi plus with my dessert, tiramisu cake yummy! and I had my first green tea. well, it's taste like seaweed and totally sucks but then I think I can cope with that as long as I assume that was just only ordinary tea. hahaha! but totally you can't. it's taste like seaweed and it's pure green tea! no wonder Japanese people kept slim and are not getting fat easily because of their lifestyle into healthy foods.

how about Malaysian people? I'm pretty sure they cannot deal with this everyday. teh tarik and nasi lemak. both of these two menu must have in their daily life T___T''

for yesterday, I spent about 1049 yen for about RM40. this is my first time spending too much especially on foods. but here? I don't care as long as the foods are tastier and totally fine with that.

here are the pictures I can shared with you guys

there are so many type of sushi here

just look at the sizes
aren't that very tempting?
yum yum

this place is very crowded from the 1st time we arrived

undergrad students
from engineering course

let's take a picture before we eat

heaven and tempting!

my stater course

this is a fish but it's taste like chicken
I miss chicken!


my plates

let's go home!

see you in my next update: open house for Malaysian people. here I come!




yukai hikaru said...

mak ai...kuat tul ko mkn eh????..ceria je aku tgk ko kat sna...jaga diri ye my fren...hehehe

Shahira said...

da dasar lapar.

ZARA 札拉 said...

kan aku dah kata~
sumpah sgt temptinG!

hana rose said...

bila ko masukkan sushi dalam pwot ko..sure ko igt aku tao...ho2

riaizzatirazali said...

eh sha, i tot u dont like sushi?