Thursday, January 6, 2011

major love

5th of January 2011

"Move on, it's just another chapter in the past.
But don't close the book, just turn the page"
- Anonymous

I am having candle-light dinner with him at this one good restaurant - Le Parisian (I think that is how its spelled). a really good start for us to open the new book of our life and closed the old story of 2010. I knew that I cannot loose him after 2 days after I decided to break with him. I can't let him go out of my life. I am afraid that... I cannot find another man for my entire life to have such a great boyfriend/husband-to-be, to love me like the way he did. insya Allah...

"Do love me because I am beautiful,
or am I beautiful because you love me?"
- Oscar Hammerstein II

mysterious picture

happy faces after having our candle-light dinner

my favourite pose
and he is copying me!

"You are amazing just the way you are"
- Bruno Mars

ice cream time at McD Telok Chempedak
I'm lovin' it!


6th of January 2011

I went to watch for a movie - The Tourist with a good friend of mine, Cik Shikeen who are just came back for good from Brunei *a big yayyyy* and oh-em-gee, she looked "so different" hihi it is okay I guess. if she is happy, I am also happy *yayyyy* after movie, we went to several store and boutique. I want to purchase some Garnier product and hey we did some shopping here. totally worth it. we get ourself a tube dress, accidentally. I can't resist and just fall in love with the beauty of that dress LOL it is just an excuse. I know lah sob sob sob.

The Tourist
totally recommended because this is a romantic movie, actually
two combination of a love city: Paris & Venice

shawl: randomly bought
floral dress: from Indonesia
light blue skinny jeans: Ladylegs from Brands Outlet
black hobo handbag: Roxy
red sequin pump flats: Move from Brands Outlet

spot the different?
new hijabi style for me
yayyy or nayyy?

me with Shikeen
we are the chubby girls!

totally having a great time with you both
and I loved you both
very much


major love!


.ieLah. said...

shawl pkai mcm maria elena ke?:)

Shahira said...

Sha da tgk tutorial die.
Tp ni tatau la same ke x.
Kne refer balik.
Ni lilit secara spontan jek kat toilet ecm ekekeekkeek.

Drunbella Khoo said...

happy for you cik sha.
i lepas jer 12am new year rithu terus gado dengan en squidward.
macam bongok jaa.
spoil dah tahun 2011.

Anonymous said...

not bad. like it. but style lama lg cute and ada style tersendiri. yg ni plak ok cantik. tp mcm krg comel. sbb lawa. HAHA. faham?

yang baru, tak comel sbb mcm ayu tp lawa.

yang lama, comel sgt dan lawa.

pengakuan jujur ni. huhu.

Shahira said...

hihihihi tq cik bella.
org ckp kalo tak bercakar, takkan knal dgn pasangan ;pp

Shahira said...

okay fara.
sha faham.
i want to be comel and ada identiti sendiri ehe :D

Anonymous said...

you look weird..sowry to say..does not match at all..

Shahira said...

ahaks thanks anon.

Anonymous said...

Comei sokmo je..:D