Wednesday, June 22, 2011

between grudge and forgiveness

who wants this?
everybody seems doesn't

hye. salam to my readers and bloggers. tonight I want to talk about something that crawled in my mind recently. between grudge and forgiveness, which one you will choose? which one I will choose? people said revenge is sweet. same goes with holding a grudge for too long. what is our point exactly of doing that? to satisfy ourself? most of the answers will be "I can't forgive what he/she had done to me" but it is burden more for us to carry the grudge everywhere.

no one can answer that question. hmm. for me I don't know. people always said "forget and forgive". "it is easy to forgive but not to forget." but not for me. I don't do that. it took me almost a year to forgive what MI had done to me. a year without hesitation. without hatred. without constraint from anybody. finally, I think I am free. free because I am holding a grudge for too long.

to MI:
if you read my blog, still

I already had moved on. I really did. I am happy with my current life, with my guy that obviously can make me happy without pretending I am okay but actually I am not. it took me almost one year to forgive what you did to me. but I cannot forget, yet what you have done. the damages. it took me almost one year to get back my strength and faced the reality after you had gone in my life. it is not easy.

it is.

this is the last time I mentioned your name in my blog. I wish you all the best in your life. hope you will find someone that truly makes you happy. I hope that I will not ever meet you again. even accidentally or just a coincidence. you are not existed any more in life, even just a shadow.

I will not come back to you, one day if you did ask me too. I knew your parent still hoping that... hope that we will get back together in the future. my mom did ask the same question, lately. I will not come back to you. I will keep the rings as your parent asked me to but I will not keep our memories. I managed to leave behind, slowly... and slowly...

you are my scariest nightmare.
yes, you did.

the weak can never forgive
forgiveness is the attitude of the strong


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Fateha said...

salam sha..
love the way u wrote..
datang dari hati.. hehee

Shahira said...

salam fateha.
hu tq :)

Anonymous said...

babe, it's always easy to forgive than forget, and it's okay if u couldnt forget but make sure it wont make u someone bad :)

forgiveness is given to someone who deserve it but it's never a loss if u do so :)

btw, plz update more frequent. I'm kind of addict to ur writings and should i say to ur life? haha :)

*ur silent reader*

Shahira said...

anon, again?
hee hye!
pls introduce urself next time ya!
i want to know u better, eager =p

tq for ur comment.
i felt so relieved after forgiving someone without constraint from anyone.
no need to carry "that burden" anymore :)


Anonymous said...

oh sorry, I'm aizati :) I'm not a blogger though.. just suka blogwalking lompat2, kalo best, book mark :)

Shahira said...

Hehehe hai aizati :)

Anonymous said...

tak habis lagi dgn MI awak tue..apalah yg big mistake sgt tuh..yg lepas biarlah berlalu. Awak pon berhak utk bahagia..buat apa kenang benda yg menyakitkan hati!

Shahira said...

hmm nak buat camne kalau teringat... manusia mmg cmtu...