Wednesday, July 14, 2010

too high?

figure of the fluctuation of blood sugar and the sugar-lowering hormone insulin

just now I checked my blood glucose level after I ate only one jemput bawang. only one okay. and then just a sip of ice vanilla latte. and the result? it is showed 5.0. OMG! do you know what it is means? I think my blood glucose level is too high. yeah even though it is still less than 5.2, which is normal rate BUT I think I have to consider it is high. furthermore, my late grandma, grandpa, and my uncles have diabetes. sobs T______T maybe after this I should forget about sweet things. say good bye to teh ais... Secret Recipe cake... Big Apple donut... dang!




shiela-suka-suki said...

sape suh minum latte???contain a lot of sugar.minum air masak jek.awet muda.

Shahira said...

mana ade sugar.
milk & caffein jek.

shiela-suka-suki said...

abistu minum pahit ke?tak rs manis?

Shahira said...

means dlu if order ice vanilla latte tu still isi syrup sugar tau.
but now dah xde sb da biasa mase kat japan minum without sugar.