Tuesday, December 22, 2009

responsibility to our environment

this is the demonstration of a electric car in front of my faculty, IDEC in Hiroshima University. the car is called Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle (MiEV). there are several features of the i Miev which are:

1. Halting global warming
2. Easy on the wallet
3. Strong acceleration
4. Quietness that does not disturb sleep
5. Charge the battery anywhere

p/s: I bet this technology will come to Malaysia in the next 30 years from now


climate change crisis mode


RoseHana said...

yer2..kt malaysia skg bru ade design bonet kete yg mcm tu..ehhee
nk ade kete cmtu 30thun ag la..

Shahira said...

bg aku spesifik name kete tu.
nak compare.

pujah said...

kt ump tadek kete ade kete fuel source die from water...masuk jek air tros leh jalan...fakulti mekanikal yg buat