Monday, April 5, 2010

5 April 1984

this picture was taken during her 25th birthday
5th of April 2009
we had a great dinner at Kenny Rogers
so this year?

to my great, lovely, adorable, sweet the only one sister in this world
Nurul Shielawati binti Mohamed Rosli
5th of April 1984 - 5th of April 2010

have a great blast & blessed in your birthday
thank you for all your sacrifices especially to me
I love you so much

just pretend this will be your birthday cake


happy bday!


.ieLah. said...

happy birthday kakak sha :)

Shahira said...

adik die yg botak ni tatau nak bagi apa.

shiela-suka-suki said...

hikhik.nak jugak hadiah.ikhwan suh mntk dgn awk.hahaha

Shahira said...

Ah xde.
Adik pokai.