Wednesday, April 28, 2010

happy birthday to me?

"Age is a high price to pay for maturity"
- Tom Stoppard

I just realized this year I didn't have my own birthday cake
pathetic don't you think?

today is 28th of April 2010. yeah. "happy birthday to me" according to the Facebook. thanks to anyone in my friends list wished for my fake birthday. HAHAHAHAHA it is proven. my friend did post this in her blog. you can read this and this. thanks to the blogger SexyHippo for her crazy idea. I am glad that a few of my best friends did realize this fake birthday and have asked me how come I have twice birthday celebration within a year. hehehehe. they did remember my own original birthday which was 2nd of February 2010 :D :D :D

you are my true friend
you know who you are

print screen from my Facebook


easy to know which one is "true"


.ieLah. said...


ni akibat terlalu emmpercayai facebook. ;p

ikeyz said...

but u know..
we have lotsa frens to keep up with..
even i dont remember all of my friends birthday..

at least they still contribute some of their time to come visit our page n wish us..

Shahira said...

yeah i agreed with u shikeen.
but i did this just want to know my besties remember my bday or not.
that's all :)

no heart feeling.

ikeyz said...

just my 2cents la kan.. :)
no hard feelings at all...