Saturday, April 17, 2010

i am not okay

"When nothing goes right, go left"

currently my emotion right now

hye readers and friends. it is been a while I didn't blogging because I am now currently not in the mood for anything since I arrived in UTM last Tuesday. it is seems like I have been cursed by UTM. I have a lot of work to do actually. doing my survey as soon as possible. my target is about 2 weeks to complete my survey of 200 respondents. so far I have 2 friends whose are willing to help me out of doing this survey. yucks! I hate surveying. but what to do, it is for my thesis too. whether I like it or not, I have to be determined to myself and keep saying this magical words: I LOVE MY THESIS...

some of my friends realized that I am not in their list of friends in the Facebook. yeah. I already deleted my account since 2 days ago. I have no concrete reason why am I doing this because I think Facebook is a part of my life too. I think because of that, I made up my mind to delete my account. I felt so annoying when I answered PTD examination last week. the question is all about Facebook, Twitter blah blah blah so this is so freaking me out. aren't there any questions they can ask? seems like Facebook has colonized our social life for now. sigh. so currently I don't have any social networking account. Myspace and Friendster I have deleted one year ago. anything I will keep updating only through my blog.

I am not okay for now. my current mood is really down. hmm. I think it is my time to go into my cave and crying... to Encik Ikhwan: why you didn't reply any of my messages or ym? it is almost 2 days I didn't hear anything about you... please... I missed you so much...




shiela-suka-suki said...

ehh,nape plak ni?tetiba delete FB account?bukan ke awk tu peminat tegar awk delete sbb nk tumpu pd tesis?
tak try call ke ikhwan?maybe dia tgh sibuk.

Shahira said...

aah tu slh satu sebab laa.
ikhwan tu merajukkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
huuuu baru tau die merajuk cmne.

shiela-suka-suki said...

ikhwan merajuk teruk ke?hehe
mesti buntuk cmne nk pujuk.aik laki merajuk teruk ke?

Shahira said...

sbb rindu sgt kot yg jd cmtuh.