Saturday, March 13, 2010

photog for today

today was fun for both of us. me with Ulin, one of the skunks member went to urban forest site in Johor Bahru for accompanying me to see the visitors who were visiting the site. so of course we have a little outdoor photoshoot and Ulin became my model for free ngahahahahaha. she also learn how to use my babe D90 and tried to shoot a better picture. good job by the way. you got talent same with Hana :) here are some pictures for today's photog.


lovely day


Cik Puan Drunbella said...

cik sha.
suka lah tgk gambar yg macam neh.
maksud i ton kaler die.
kena setting dulu ke mmg otomatik cenggitu?

Shahira said...

yg ni i edit bg ton kaler dark sket.
tak dpt if nak direct tros dr kamera.

Cik Puan Drunbella said...

ini kalau snap pic i, kompem muka dah macam kawah bulan.
berlubang sana sini.
parut merata.
mesti clear kan.

Shahira said...

asl lak.
mehla dtg sini.