Sunday, March 7, 2010

photog for today

great day to start today. we are having our brunch at McD, Telok Chempedak Kuantan. it is very lovely day with her. spending time and having chit chat about us for the past 5 months and of course shared with her with my story :) and this is her first time captured picture by using my baby D90. this is what I called quality time with my bff, Nurul Farhana binti Sabli. love you Hana! thanks for the gift :D


lovely day


Monkey D Luffy said...

dua2 tu pakai cincin tunang ker?

Shahira said...

single but not available.
cincin tanda aka risikan.

yanny said...

Homigod! priceless smiles! =))

Shahira said...