Saturday, March 27, 2010

great day with skunks

hello spring & sunshine

today I am wearing...


today I had a super amazing girlfriends day with 2 of skunks members; Ulin and Fizah. we went for a superb thumbs up malay movie; Evolusi KL Drift 2. totally amazed with the drifter. before that Fizah treated us with yummy banana split Baskin Robbins. thanks darl. we had out lunch at Secret Recipe before continue our journey just for a window shopping except for Fizah who had bought 2 hard cover story books and 2 pieces of slack pants T_________T I am so jealous with her huhuhuhu.

Evolusi KL Drift 2
4 stars out of 5

a lot of calories and sugar

everyone is hungry right now
yeah totally!

looking for a new pants

now everybody is really hungry

captured by Ulin

are they...
is it true?

Fizah with her tomyam kung

I always craving for chicken chop

Ulin with her first time Vietnamese beef mee
I think...

great day today!
to the other skunks don't get jealous okayy