Saturday, March 6, 2010

watch for sale

hye there. hari ini saya hendak menjual balik jam tangan fossil lelaki. pretty sad it is too big for Encik Ikhwan sebab pergelangan tangan beliau kecil je bila testing jam ini. jam ini sesuai pada lelaki yang pergelangan tangan dia agak besar. so I have to let go this watch. this watch is really in the good condition. just memang sudah ada sedikit calar di belakang jam tersebut. you guys can watch as I attached pictures below. I letting go for RM280 including postage. this watch has its own plastic case. ini link blogshop di mana saya beli jam tersebut.

so for those who are interested in buying this watch
please contact me through 013-7927892
serious buyer only!

still in the good condition

back view

this is the scratch that I have told you just now