Monday, March 15, 2010

monday is a bad day?

someone told me. not just me. but it is a normal assumption that Monday is a lazy day. glooming day. boring day. sickness day. aaa what else? but for me it is a bad day. bad day. really bad day. I hate Monday! okayy enough for me to curse Monday. but whyyyyyyy is todayyyyyyyyyy?

ehm. someone had scratched my car. waaaa. less than 2 weeks my baby car looks new but now it is already has its own first scratch. wtf. after that my car remote control also had broken down. either it is really broken down or I have to change the battery.

what a day




Cik Puan Drunbella said...

sayangnya dah ada kurap.
dah lah baru kuar bengkel kete u.

Shahira said...


hati i ni da dicalarkan sudah.

Anonymous said...

jahatnya org tu

Shahira said...

Jeles kot tgk kete cat rare n baru...