Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2 : Nine things about yourself

1. I do hate vegetables at first but I only eat certain vegetables such as spinach, tomato & carrot ;d

2. I love talking. Friends and family recognized me from that. So, if I am not talking as usual that much, means there is something wrong somewhere with me ;)

3. Really really addicted to teh ais. I can drink up to 5 glasses per day :D

4. I am proud to be pagophabia - a form of disorder pica involving the compulsive consumption of ice or iced drink. I rather asked for more ice than a drink itself hahahahahaha.

5. Hey, I am lefty and really really proud to be one of the genius person in the world ;p

6. I got a big mouth - I eat one piece of biskut marie just like that ngaaaaappp! :D

7. I do hate Mathematics and everything has a number on it but I can memorize a phone number! ;p~

8. I hate reading and guess what Twilight novel which I bought 2 years ago, still not finish reading it yet hahahahahahaha :D :D :D

9. I don't do sarcasm :|


Drunbella Khoo said...

i hate maths but i love money.

.ieLah. said...

sha lefty, saye jeles. haha

teh ais teh ais teh ais!

Shahira said...

me tooo cik bella.
hath maths but money22222!!!!

Shahira said...

ielah blaja la tulis tgn kiri.
pasni nak rasuk ielah minum teh ais.

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

I'm sarcastic~


opposite with U babe!

Shahira said...

pls i don't do sarcasm.

anish said...

same! imma lefty n pagophabia also! haha i shud tell tis 2 my friends yg salu bising2 whenever i makan ais.
(--ll) hee

Shahira said...

dpt selori ais ni best ni!!