Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my big day!

2.2.1986 - 2.2.2010

happy birthday to me!

I am now pronounce 24 years old!

so what did I have achieved during this period?


at least I managed go to Japan for short time

I hope this year will bring a great prosperity for me!

being more better caliph
being the great daughter
being the great student
being the great friend
being the lovely wife?

I wish my cake was like this
kah kah kah

and hope my birthday cake will transform into real LV handbag?

p/s: I am now wondering what is my present gift from my dad
sound interesting in his sms last nite


birthday girl mode


Cik Puan Drunbella said...

birthday quotes : i send to you warm wishes,that your happiness will be as wonderful as the happiness, you have always given me. wish you happy birthday >___<

fafa said...

happy besday to you.
may allah bless u there.

TiTin said...

happy birthday, Sha..
may all ur wishes come true...

bestnye kek ala2 beg LV tuuu

k.e.b.u.n.t.u.a.n said...

hai sha!
heppy buffday!
hope u had a fun buffday out there..


Shahira said...

thanks all for those wishes!

..sasasarabella.. said...

happy birthday sha!

Shahira said...

thank u bella!!

..sasasarabella.. said...

kak sha. kt profile kak sha dh x ley letak 23 going to 24 la.hehehe. already 24 skrg ni. sukeerrr~