Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend therapy

Date: 15-16 of May 2010
Venue: Cherating beach, Kuantan
Event: SmartScout16 small gathering

despite I was cancelled over my Singapore trip, yet I have another weekend's treat for myself. a small gathering for SmartScout16 Troop has been held at Cherating beach. we were slept over for one night at the Kompleks Budaya Cherating. thank god the foods were delicious! we were having fun together and maybe next time we will meet again!

happy to meet each other
it is been a while

loves this moment!


boys over flowers

self potrait of SS16

they really do love sunbathing
apparently I am not!

dinner for us
air asam plus black pepper gravy were the most delicious ever
it is worth to wait for one hour


happy weekends