Thursday, December 23, 2010

love, fashion & foods

do you harem?

Just Relax Cafe
Kuantan, Pahang

stripey white & black shawl;
oversized black tee by MNG;
high neck red inner by MNG;
unbranded harem pants;
velvet mocha/red pump shoes by Vincci

this is my first attempt wearing harem pants. my friend sold it to me for the price of RM40. so how do I look? is it okay? is it soooo weirdo? because harem pants in this industry fashion either will look disaster/fashion victim or more fashionable and look HOT instead of NOT aha :D :D :D harem pants were baggy pants, tapered at the ankle, sort of like MC Hammer pants, but on the side hip/thigh areas were two flaps that buttoned at the waist area.


the beauty of simplicity

italian course for tonight

she was too hungry
believe me

she just focused on her food
not him at the moment

dessert time for us

the foods were delicious


Shila Cafe
Kuantan, Pahang

met with our friend, Al
we are going to be missing you
oh yes, he is taken

his first attempt to be model



awesomeness just happened


Atiqah Adnan said...

nice!!suke harem pants..
cume di melaka tak banyak boleh jumpe.. nanti mau cari di KL.. hee~

Shahira said...

itulah ssh nak cari.
ni pun mujur kwn nak jual balik :)
nnt nak cari kaler hitam lak heeee :D

nyna said...

ape nak kata lagi cantik sha!

Shahira said...

ehe segan nak amik pujian nyna.

lady mermalade said...

klau xsilap,kt mng ade harem pants..skg kn tgh sale..ehhe

Shahira said...

mng kuantan xde sb outlet je huhu.