Sunday, January 10, 2010

beauty blog contest

ada lagi satu contest saya join. tapi ini bukan contest gambar. meskipun photography adalah cinta kedua saya tetapi dunia fashion tetap menjadi kegilaan. tetap mahu menjadi fashionista dan up-to-date dalam dunia fashion ini lebih-lebih lagi sekarang saya di Jepun. lagilaa fashion mereka mak ai tip top. just be yourself to flaunt yourself.

sekarang ini saya join contest "beauty blog contest" senang je nak join. just review her blog at this link:


apparently not
I want to make over again my style in 2010
and become more trendy muslimah girl
boleh tak jawap camtu?

1. What is your favourite makeup things at the moment

since I rarely wear makeup whenever I'm going out
I only have these:

Eye Shadow Colour Studio
by Elianto

One Touch Blusher
by Elianto

Angelfit Perfect Concealer
by Maybelline

2. Are there any beauty MAKEUP/PERFUMES branded items on your wish list?

since I don't wear any lipstick
I want this:

Volume XL Seduction Xtreme Lip Plumper
by Maybelline

EDT Davidoff Cool Water Wave

*I already got it*

3. What's style and outfit do you want in 2010?

I really love this style
funky & chic

jersey printed tank top; bomber jacket; skin denim leggings;
quilted slingbag; suede boots; wood bangles

metallic jersey racer-bank tank; bike jacket; leather pant lace-up
minaudiere clutch; mirrored multi strap sandals; charm bracelet

4. Lastly, pliss upload your latest gojes style pictures with the beauty makeup looks...

this is my latest picture
taken when I'm waiting for my lunch
I just wear a blusher but it is hard to see


contest mode


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