Wednesday, January 6, 2010

one step closer

This evening, I have received one email from IDEC staff, Kusunoki san regarding about tracking for JASSO student. I am here under JASSO Program with the collaboration of Hiroshima University (Hirodai). So in the email she wrote:

We would like to ask you about the followings:
1) The JENESYS Program will be done in Feb. Do you desire to come back to IDEC to take a doctoral degree?

2) What is your plan after going back to your country?
If you go back to the master course in your university, what will you do after the graduation? Working for a private company or the government related to your research?

I have been expected that I will receive this email one day because for the last time my sensei have asked me about the same question. Would you like to continue your phD in Hirodai? It is a great opportunity then to continue your phD here. I will make sure you will get the scholarship if you want to continue your study.

Gulp... What should I say about this? I have no idea. The thing is I don't have any courage to continue my study to the next level. It is enough for me as a master degree holder in the future with the title "jobless". I want to work first and then get married. That is my 2010 resolution.

So, I reply the email and I wrote this:

Regarding to your questions, here is my answers:
1) I don't have any future plan for now to pursue my study until doctoral degree level.

2) After this I will continue my master project and finish my master program in UTM. After my graduation, I have planned to work in the private sector by working as a lecturer at private institution anywhere in Malaysia.

Well, I think I have made the right decision.

May Him besides me always.




Anonymous said...

awk sgt bertuah
peluang depan mata tuu..
siap nk bagi sponsor lagi..
klu saya..terus reply *yes yes yes*

lain org lain plan nye kan

lps nih lecturer kt UTM la kan??

Shahira said...

takpe cik nilam.
peluang tu mmg dtg skali je seumur hidup tp buat masa ini mmg takde plan nak smbung phd :)

da plan nak kerja and then get married.
kite leh je nak sambung kat mana2 kan??
tp bg saya jepun ini bukanlah tempatnye utk sambung phd.
huhuhu sgt ssh kot tgk.
gerun :)

xlah lecturer tp myb ade new dept kat UTM tu with a collaboration dgn Hiroshima Univ. ni.
ade rezeki leh jd staff kat sane.