Saturday, January 30, 2010

transform to the OWL

hye this is me Sha
I'm an owl now
cool huh?

yes dear. my biological clock has been changed lately. it is not mean by I sleep during all day and wake up in the night. but then I just take a nap like 1 to 2 hours at the evening or maybe after maghrib prayer and dang...! I cannot sleep after that. like this hahahahahaha. I wonder how my life could be this way? or if I can get to sleep let say at 2 am and at 4 or 5 am I will wake up and facebook-ing or blogging or doing my work. oh no. gotta go now. I have to fix my slide presentation. byeeeeeeeeee ^^


owl city


Eima Jer said...

kamu snap pic da owl itu??

Shahira said...

courtesy of yahoo pic.
huhuhu i takde lense sharp cmni.
yg ni da sah2 gne telepoto ni.

Eima Jer said...

tekejut jugak i..
mana la tau u dh upgrade lens.. =p

Shahira said...

pasni aim prime lens 50mm 1.4G.
tp mhl lah lak nak bli.