Sunday, January 17, 2010

wifey to be

dia lah BFF saya
which is stand for Best Friend Forever
persamaan saya dengan dia buat masa sekarang?
hiks jangan muntah hijau okay?

okay lah Cik Mas Joko
eh silap Cik Mas Mona (btw not doing this on purposed)
masa untuk bertepuk tampar sudah tamat pada tahun 2009
fokus untuk lebih serius pada 2010?
are you looking for something dear?

Alhamdulillah... her journey with the loved one will begin in 2010. for now they are busy with their preparation. OMG! I really envy with them but yet happy for them because they will go to the next level. Insya Allah my dear! the date of their engagement day is not set up yet but I think sooner. maybe this coming April? May? June? I just wait patiently for the good news.

I think 2010 is the perfect year for us, who is turned 24 years old because this year is the year of tiger. roarr!!! lucky I guess for Chinese people. and yet this age is the perfect age to become somebody's husband or wife. I'm so excited for those will be getting married this year. Cik Rozzairin also planned to get married on 10th of October 2010. wow. perfect date! 10.10.10. congrats for both of them :)

ehem. how about my others BFF? Cik Nur Liyana Yanti? hehehehe. just wait for me top upload her pictures of her engagement day one day. Insya Allah. I hope she is happy in whatever she decide. amin...

Cik Afidatul 'Naima?

Cik Nur Dalilah?

I can't wait to eat nasi minyak korang okayyyyyy


how about me?

Insya allah...




de'amor mode


dell darla said...

insyallah hunn...klu dah jadi, ko adalah org yg 1st aku inform. aku doakan yg terbaik utk ko & ikhwan ;)